Wednesday, 29 February 2012

more on the '45

I'm still writing a post on highland arms before the '45 but here is something I found from the '45 before any battles or arms shipments.
it is from this book
MacDonald, C. Moidart Among the Clanranalds. 1997 Birlinn

16 of the 80 are described as wanting weapons
15 of the 80 have a sword only
15 of the 80 have a gun only
26 of the 80 have sword AND gun
7 of the 80 have gun sword and targe
1 of the 80 has gun and pistol

The muster (especially when compared with the athol muster) again demonstrates that the top tier of society were armed with what I call the holy trinity of dirk, sword and target. These were also armed with guns and were probably the clan gentry. Most men were armed in some fashion and most men were armed with swords though 31 men weren;t.
This was the state of the forces after heavy arms embargos and disarmings and before the re-arming later in the campaign.

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