Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Sword for sale

 For sale, A Scottish/Irish medieval sword. Based on the example listed in Wallace's Scottish Swords. Made by Armour Class and made to their usual good standard. I bought it for a photo shoot but am now selling as it is no longer required (though it looks good on my wall!). 
The blade is sharp and the sword has not been used to cut and has received very light handling. There is a small scratch on the hilt but it is hardly noticeable. 
I am afraid I will only be able to ship the sword within the UK due to problems I have had with overseas shipments in the past. 
I am looking for £150 plus shipping but am open to offers. 


  1. its nice historical sword , i had one made using iona stones found one was made by armour class too but at 300 pounds opt out in getting from them found maker to make one cheaper light as well and slow as original one hand i got make a one and half sword i got made this year ,..........any way want say its very nice sword and seen the video very much enjoyed it

    1. Thanks very much. I have (sadly) managed to sell the sword now. I have owned many, many swords but none so far have handled like historical swords. Historical swords are way more blade heavy. Nearly all replicas this type (Vince Evans, Armour class Albion etc) have a POB of 4" from the cross wheras the originals have POBs nearer 9".
      Historical swords feel way more dangerous than replicas, even good replicas.

  2. Hello...I like what you are doing. Can you answer some questions for me?

  3. Hi, Yes of course ask away.